The Applied Algebraic Geometry Group at KU Leuven, which is part of:

has openings for several PhD students and postdoctoral researchers funded by Fatemeh Mohammadi's FWO Odysseus Research Grant. These positions are fully-funded at internationally competitive rates. The group aims to develop theoretical and computational tools in discrete mathematics and algebraic geometry to study problems in mathematics, statistics, theoretical computer science, industrial engineering, and quantum physics.

To apply for these positions, please submit the application documents (listed below) by email.


We aim to develop theoretical and computational tools in mathematics (algebraic geometry, discrete mathematics, graph theory) to study various problems in theoretical computer science, statistics, industrial engineering, and quantum physics. The main objects of study are polynomial equations that mathematically model several real-world applications. The fundamental idea is to exploit the combinatorial and geometric structures of these polynomial systems and use them to efficiently solve them. Solving general polynomial systems tends to be extremely difficult, forcing us instead to restrict attention to special families of polynomial systems and continually developing new theoretical and algorithmic tools. In these PhD projects, we will consider topics related to:

Current Open PhD Positions:

I have openings for several four-year PhD positions to start anytime in 2022. The successful candidates will work in the area of Applied, Combinatorial, and Computational algebraic geometry. A master's degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, or Computer Science is required.

What we offer:

If you are interested, send me an email ( containing the following:

Additional Fellowships: 

From time to time, I will announce open positions on this website. I am also happy to consider new students/postdocs outside the framework of the above open positions. In particular, I am happy to support strong applicants for the following schemes.

Undergraduate Students

I have dedicated funds and am happy to supervise exceptionally strong undergraduate/master's students, both from Belgium and internationally, for research internships, theses, or reading courses. Write me an email if you are interested, and already have some background in themes similar to my research (algebra, combinatorics, polyhedral geometry, statistics). As a general rule of thumb, write to me only if you are at the top of your class or have related publications or medals in national/international competitions in mathematics, computer science or physics.